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SEPT. 13, 2014
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Recent News:

>> Aafew more openings exist at the Daniel Stewart clinic at Course Brook Farm on Sunday, September 21. See the Clinics page for details.

>> A few spots still remain in the Lucinda Green clinic held at GMHA on October 8 and 9. See the Clinics page for details.

>> Stoneleigh-Burnham HT is accepting post-closing date entries for the Sept 20th event. Please note that this is not an extension of the closing date; all CD criteria still apply. EventEntries will remain accessible through Monday, Sept 15. Please contact Erin at irishelk@outlook.com if you have any questions.

>> This is a gentle reminder that the UNH Fall Horse Trials closes next week (9//9) and we are currently accepting entries at all levels through closing date. We are especially in need of Preliminary level competitors, as at this time, the division is quite low. If you were on the fence, please consider coming to ride! Rider status list will be available on the UNH Equine Program's facebook page as well as http://equine.unh.edu/horse-trials

>> Results for Town Hill HT are now available on this site.

>> King Oak Farm HT needs fence judges for the Sept 6 & 7 event. If you are available to help please contact Judy via email JazKOF@Hotmail.com or call 413-330-6752. Also, if anyone can help with set up the week before we could use your help. Remember these events can't happen without the volunteers!

>> King Oak Farm HT will be accepting post-closing date entries for the Sept 6 & 7 event. Please note that this is not an extension of the closing date; all CD criteria still apply. EventEntries will remain accessible through Tuesday, Aug 26th. Please contact Judy, secretary, at JazKOF@Hotmail.com if you have any questions.

Continuing News:

>> Purchase your Area I logo'd clothing at the Area I store! Click on the icon in the left column on this page, under the map of all states forming Area I.

>> ATTENTION BN RIDERS!! If you are not a member of the USEA, you must pay $25 additional for your sanctioned event entry. You also need a USEA ID number which you can get on the USEA web site under "Online Services" and ask for "new user account". The number is free.
If your horse is not registered with USEA, your horse must get a RESTRICTED STATUS ID also. That may be accomplished through the same web site process.

>> ENTRY STATUS for sanctioned events will now be listed on the Time / Results page.

>> There's a NEW section on the Area I web site! In the spirit of introducing young horses to the sport of eventing, the Area I site now has a YEH/FEH/NEH page, located under the Events dropdown menu item. Information relating to YEH/FEH/NEH will be placed there, and any questions or concerns you have we'll be glad to answer - just email Katie Murphy at adult-riders@area1usea.org. If you have any suggestions for material to be placed on the page, please let us know!
Also, the Virtual Rides section has now moved to under the Resources dropdown menu item.

>> REVISION TO REQUEST FOR AREA I TRAINER INFORMATION: If you are a trainer in Area I and are a member of the USEA*, please feel free to submit your information to be listed on the Links page. Just send an email to the webmaster and include your name, street address, email address, phone, web site, and instructional or specialty highlights about your business. Your information will be placed on the page of the state in which you reside/teach.
*The Area I February membership roster is being used to confirm your current membership with the USEA.

>> If you respond to any submission on the Area I web site, please, be aware that while we try to post only "legitimate" submissions, occasionally there may be something which turns out to be unethical or inappropriate (such as a clinic offering, schooling show listing, or classified ad). As with any other web site, it's your responsibility (and yours alone) to decide whether to pursue a listing or a response to your listing.

>> Photographers at events: Only official photographers are listed on the Area I site - these are professionals who have secured permission from the hosting organizer to shoot at the event. For liability and safety reasons, and other concerns, those who do not have permission from the event to photograph are not listed. If you want to know who unofficially photographed at an event, you need to contact the organizer directly.

>> If you know an Area I location which offers XC jumps/courses on which to practice, please email and they'll be listed at the bottom of the Links page.

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