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Sign up to Participate in the USEA National Adult Team Challenge at the AECs

If you are going to the AECs, you may also want to participate in the National Adult Team Challenge. If so, please review the qualifications. Keep in mind that each Area is limited to the number of participants and Area I will consider Teams or participants on a first come basis. You may either submit a Team of 4 (all competing at the same level) or request to be placed on a Team. To be considered, send an email to the Area I Adult Rider Coordinator at Team announcements will be made on or before August 23rd.

2015 was a good year for Area I’s Adult Rider Program and I want to thank a few of the folks that helped out during the year by donating time and money to make it such a successful year.

Joan Davis from Flatlandsfoto ( For the last several years, Joan has donated a portion of proceeds from the Area I Calendar sales which has allowed the ARP to develop even more programs this year. Joan is also generous with allowing us to use her photography to promote ARP events. When you see her hunkered down photographing an event, be sure to say Hi and thank her.

Coyote Spring Farms ( – Bill and Jocelyn Hawe donated the use of their beautiful facility for our Stressless Competition Seminar and co-hosted the “Getting There and Back Safely Trailering Seminar). Special note – Bill designed and produced this fabulous Safety Seminar which was fabulous.

And, I cannot thank you all enough for eagerly participating in and having such good humor on the awards and competitions. It was also great to see that Area I Adult Rider Program Facebook page become a vehicle of support, good cheer and competitive spirit.

2016 should be a great year with some new programs and additional grants to support our goals of education, safety, fun and competition.



Suzanne Adams
Area I Adult Rider Coordinator

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