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Everyone loves a winner! You work hard, train regularly and everything falls into place – three phases, three chances all for the glory of polyester and the pleasure of a partnership like none other. For this, we salute you!

The six highest placed Adult Rider Program Members in each division (Preliminary, Training, Novice and Beginner Novice) will receive an Adult Rider Program Ribbon. And, the first place Adult Rider Program Member will also receive a SmartPak $25 gift certificate.

Yet, what about those that toil and train hard but Lady Luck is just not with them that day (Have you been at GMHA when the cows are coming down the hill?) Well, surviving has its very own special place in our hearts!

The last placed Adult Team Rider in each division (Preliminary, Training, Novice and Beginner Novice) who finishes with a number will receive a Dunkin’ Donuts gift certificate. (Federal law does not allow individuals to ship wine. If you’re local, I’d be happy to replace coffee with wine).


  • Based on the entire division placings, not the class entered. (All of Prelim, not Prelim rider)
    Placing rather than scores balance out the impact of a hard vs easy scoring dressage judge
  • Ties are broken by and in order of importance – No jumping faults in Stadium, No time faults in Stadium, closest to Optimum time in XC and finally, dressage scores
  • Wine Award is also based on placing rather than scores
If you are enrolled in the Area I ADULT RIDER PROGRAM by the start of the Event, you are automatically entered!

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