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Are you a member of the Area I Adult Rider Program? Were you excited about all the fun last year but, maybe you had a dreaded lay-up or you just missed the Event that had all the excitement? Do you volunteer more than you compete and wondered if there were anything for you? Have you ever wondered what it is like to compete on a team? Or have you competed at an Adult Rider Team Challenge and had a good time?

Then you should join a Virtual Team!

Once again, the Area I Adult Rider Program will offer a Virtual Team Competition! This competition will run through the Area I 2017 season (UNH Spring – Hitching Post Horse Trials) for USEA recognized events.

Teams are randomly* drawn before the first weekend in May. Scores will accumulate from April 29th - October 14, 2017. All volunteer hours count for points and must be in by November 30, 2017.


Must be a member of the Adult Rider Program by 4/28/17. Enrollment in the ARP program can be done through USEA’s online services.

Points will accumulate for entering, placing and completing a USEA Recognized Event.

Points will accumulate for volunteering at a USEA Recognized Event.

Scores at all Area I Recognized Events will count for full points. Scores from Recognized Events outside Area I will count for half value, however you must report your final placing to the score keeper within 4 weeks of the event. Example: you placed 2nd at Plantation, you will get 17.5 points for your team if you report it within 4 weeks.

Those entered in the Championship divisions at the Area I Championships at Town Hill Horse Trials this year will receive double points.

Any team member that represents Area I at AEC’s or ATC’s will receive 20 bonus points and his/her final score will count for full points as if it were an Area I event.

Any team member who participates in a Classic Series HT, CCI, or CIC anywhere in the nation will receive 10 bonus points and his/her final score will count for full points as if it were an Area I event but you MUST contact the score keeper with your result within 4 weeks of the event.

Virtual Team Score Keeper will receive 50 bonus points. (Anyone interested in helping out?)

Team members who volunteer to coordinate an Adult Rider party will receive 20 bonus points per event. These points may be split between multiple team members if more than one person helps coordinate the party.

All volunteer hours must be reported to the score keeper or Adult Rider Coordinator by November 30th. Volunteer hours can be validated by a selfie or picture doing your work, an organizer’s volunteer ledger, a program page listing volunteers or a short email to the ARP Coordinator (we trust you).

  • Seven team members, "randomly" selected
    • You may request to be paired with one teammate, the rest of the team will be randomly selected.
    • For instance, Hillary and Suzanne are friends. They request to be on the same team. Hillary and Suzanne’s name are placed together and dropped in the hat. They will be on a team together with five other people.
  • Teams will be introduced via email, invited to participate on a private Facebook page and encouraged to cheer each other on throughout the season.
  • Entering an Event – 5 points
  • Entering and Completing an Event – 20 points
  • Placing at an Event
    • First place – 40 points
    • Second Place – 35 points
    • Third Place – 30 points
    • Fourth Place – 25 points
    • Fifth Place – 20 points
    • Sixth Place – 15 points
    • Seventh Place – 10 points
    • Eighth Place – 5 points
    • NOTE – Only one rider/horse combination will count towards points at any one event. Rider may select best score/placing.
  • Volunteering at an Event (no more than 100 points per event)
    • Half Day (4 hours) – 30 points
    • Full Day – 60 points
  • Bonus Points
    • Classic Series (Prelim, Novice, Training or BN Three Day Event), CCI or CIC – 10 bonus points
    • Representing Area I at the AECs or the National Adult Team Challenge at the AEC’s – 20 bonus points
    • Team members who volunteer to coordinate or help with coordinating an ARP social – 20 bonus points

Prizes will be awarded to the top three placing teams.


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