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Providing educational and practical experience is one of the most important functions of the USEA Educational Program. A couple of things to consider before registering your Educational Activity with the USEA:

The USEA (and Area I) wants everyone to become proficient eventers, but to do so remembering:

  • The spirit of the sport
  • Our responsibilities under the “Principles of Eventing” to our equine partner; and,
  • A determination that safety cannot be compromised.
USEA provides its support and enables approved activities to receive low cost insurance in order to further this essential USEA educational function.

Registering your Educational Activity with the USEA:

Please read the complete guidelines for more detailed information and tips to have a successful activity.

Step 1 - Complete the Application Form a minimum of 10 days prior to your activity and be sure to read the information on the back of the application.

Step 2 - Pay the registration fee and submit the application to the USEA:

  • $100 for a one-day activity
  • $150 for a two- to four-day activity
  • For an activity more than four days in length, $150 plus $45 for each day over four must be paid.
  • Note - If you register any activity less than two weeks prior to the day it begins, an additional $25 fee must be paid.
The USEA program provides $1 million in general liability coverage for each activity. You need to evaluate your risk to see if this is adequate.

Step 3 - The USEA will review and then send you a “package” of information, including approval letter, insurance information, Waiver Forms and a Activity Recap form.

The USEA Waiver Form must be used and upon completion of the Activity, the Organizer will submit the completed Waivers and the Activity Recap form.
If your Educational Activity is approved by the USEA, Area I Adult Rider Program members are entitled up to a $50 reimbursement upon completion of the activity.

NOTE: This is intended to be a brief description of the process. Please refer to the USEA Guidelines for details.

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