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We've got an exciting Adult Team Challenge competition coming up this weekend at GMHA's Spring Horse Trials. There are 26 teams competing for the Spring Championship and it should be an exciting weekend. At this point, there will be no changes made to the teams. There are several ARP riders riding multiple horses that did not request to be on multiple teams. Their scores will be used in place of scratches (horses that are scratched prior to the start of the competition).

Scoring is simple - 3 scores will count, allowing one score to be dropped. An elimination will add 1,000 points to the score but will keep a team in competition. Ties will be broken using a combination of jumping faults and Optimum Time.

Be sure to join us on the lawn in front of the Youth Center, Saturday 5-6:30pm for a Social sponsored by the Area I Adult Rider Program. (In case of rain, it will be relocated to the porch.) Enjoy snacks and beverages of all kinds with your fellow eventers. (Open to everyone!)


Get your teams together! This is a fabulous way to bring members together, build camaraderie and connect your community.

Area I's Adult Rider is proud to support this adult rider competition to call attention to the important role that all adult riders play in our sport. Many of you are already highly accomplished in your field - whether its law, medicine, engineering, business, sales, information systems, teaching, as well as being active parents or caregivers in many cases. In addition, you've taken on a difficult and demanding equestrian sport. We salute you and your drive to excel!

Adult riders, without you, eventing would not be the same...thank you for your support! NOW, LET'S DO THAT THING!

Area I Adult Rider Program Members are automatically entered! If you do not want to participate, notify the Area I Adult Rider Program Coordinator prior to the cutoff date for team selection.

Team Selection

  • Put together your own team of friends and/or barn mates
  • Randomly selected by the Area I Adult Rider Program Coordinator (evenly between divisions, amateurs and adults)
  • All team members must be Area I Adult Rider Program members
  • Teams may include a minimum of 3 or a maximum of 4 riders competing at any level
  • Riders entered with more than one horse may participate on more than one team but only as one member on a team
  • Three scores will count, allowing one score to be dropped. An elimination will add 1,000 points to the score but will keep the team in the competition
  • Prizes will be awarded for Teams placing 1st 3rd and ribbons will be awarded to eighth place
    • First place will receive embroidered coolers
    • Second place embroidered dressage pads
    • Third place gift certificates
2016 Adult Team Challenge Competitions
  • GMHA Spring Horse Trials
  • Town Hill Farm Horse Trials
If you have questions, contact Suzanne Adams at


The USEA Adult Team Challenges have been generously sponsored by the Chronicle of the Horse for more than 20 years. The Challenges have given adult riders not competing at the highest levels of the sport to compete in a friendly team competition. In previous years the Challenges were held annually in different locations (Eastern, Central and Western) around the United States. For Adult Riders that have participated in the events, they have always been an exciting way to team up with fellow adult riders in your Area to compete nationally.

Unlike our Regional Adult Team Challenge program where we mix levels to field teams, the National ATC requires Areas to field a team all competing at the same level (Beginner Novice Team, Novice Team, Training Team, Preliminary Team).

If you are entered in the AECs, you may also participate on a National ATC team. Grants are awarded, per USEA guidelines, to National ATC entrants who are not also competing at the AECs.

Qualifications for Entry into the USEA Adult Team Championships (National)

  • The qualifying period for each horse and rider pair is June 1, 2014 - August 22, 2016
  • Horses and riders must be members/registered with the USEA at the time of gaining qualifications, and during the USEA Adult Team Championships
  • All riders must be 22 years of age or older (born in or before 1994) and a member of the Area I Adult Rider Program
  • Closing dates will be consistent with the USEA American Eventing Championships
  • Each horse and rider pair must have three cross-country rounds with no jumping penalties at recognized USEA horse trials at the ATC level that they wish to compete. None of the qualifying cross-country rides may include dangerous riding penalties
  • Non-amateur riders may not have completed competitions more than one level higher than the level they are registering to compete in the last 24 months current and preceding year
  • Each Area can have up to eight teams of four riders at the USEA Adult Team Championship
  • All teams should be coordinated through the Area Adult Rider Coordinator (
  • Mixed Area teams are allowed and encouraged. All horse and rider pairs without a full team of 3-4 members must be identified by the Area Adult Rider Coordinator ( as qualified and willing to compete, and submitted to the USEA for inclusion on a mixed team
Area I National ATC Grant program

If you are a competing in the National ATC but not competing in the American Eventing Championships, you may be qualified to receive up to $150 towards your entry fee.

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